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The Magic Lunchbox is a fun, captivating story about packing a healthy lunchbox, especially for children in their transition to primary school.

Central Coast author Angela Barrett and illustrator David Walsh have created a delightful storybook to inspire and delight children ages 4–6 years old. In the story, Grandma enlists the help of a magic lunchbox to show Mango and Sprint which foods to pack for school. It supports children to understand everyday healthy food choices and “the magic made, when you put good food inside.”

The Magic Lunchbox front cover.

Read The Magic Lunchbox

The Magic Lunchbox is suitable for reading both at home and in the classroom. Click the link below to download the storybook.

Watch The Magic Lunchbox

You can watch a reading of The Magic Lunchbox that brings the book to life through magical, animated storytelling!

The Magic Lunchbox resources

Download these additional resources to complement The Magic Lunchbox story.

Download The Magic Lunchbox game board
Download The Magic Lunchbox food game cards

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