Sophie Roberts, a public health community nutritionist at Central Coast Local Health District, provides some quick tips that will help us fill our plates with nutritious food this Christmas time, while minimising budget blow-outs.

  • Plan your menu around healthy and affordable foods. Consider mixed roast vegetables, wholegrain rolls, summer salads and fruit.
  • Allow for a serve of roast meat, fish, turkey or chicken per person.
  • Give salads a festive feel with red onion, capsicum, tomato or cranberries and green cucumber, parsley, spring onions or salad leaves. Sliced watermelon always looks great.
  • Look for ‘in-season’ fresh produce for the best value.
  • Frozen and canned vegetables are handy additions. Canned chickpeas or bean mix work well in salads. Cooked frozen peas are quick and easy too.
  • For more ideas, check out No Money No Time’s 7 tips for saving money on food at Christmas.

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