The THIRSTY? CHOOSE WATER! project is being offered to Year 7 students across the Central Coast of NSW to promote drinking water.



 Do you know.....

Sugar in various drinks graphic much sugar is in your drink?


Minutes walking to burn off sugar many minutes you have to walk to burn off the kilojoules in your drink?

Why not sugar sweetened drinks?


  • One in five (20.4%) students are overweight or obese, based on self-reported height and weight.
  • A quarter of young people drank soft drink, energy drinks, fruit juice or cordial on five or more occasions each week.
  • A high consumption of sugar sweetened drinks, contributes to health problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes, dental caries and osteoporosis.
  • Children who regularly drink soft drink and other sugar sweetened drinks are more likely to be overweight.
  • Soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and juices, all contain sugar and acid which both contribute to dental decay.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, flavoured mineral waters and sports drinks are banned for sale from school canteens in NSW.
  • Children whose parents regularly drink soft drinks are more likely to consume soft drinks than those children whose parents do not drink soft drinks regularly.

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