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Mother and daughter running

Current Central Coast Community Based Health Promotion Projects;

Alcohol information for 13 to 17 year olds, parents and teachers.

Breast feeding friendly scheme. Find or become a business that supports public breast feeding.

Link to Family ACTIVation Pack

Fun ways to develop fundamental movement skills and get active with your children.

Link to Health Drinks for Children

Healthy Drinks for Kids provides guidance regarding drinks for 0 - 13 year olds. Includes information on the Potter the Otter story book.

Reduce secondary supply of alcohol to underage people. Run through sporting clubs.

Link to Family ACTIVation Pack

The Q4:H2O activity is a one week school/family based project to promote the concept of healthy drinks to children and their parents/carers and support teachers getting healthy drink messages to families.

Small screen recreation and children. Loads of advice and resources to avoid too much screen time.

Straight forward information on what really makes a healthy lunchbox, plus lots of useful resources.

Tobacco control initiatives on the Central Coast.

Archived Central Coast Community Based Health Promotion Projects
(Reference only - not kept up to date);

School and home based healthy weight project for children and young people.








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