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Pre-school and Childcare

Child skipping

Current Central Coast Pre-school and Childcare Based Health Promotion Projects;

Munch & Move is a training program for early childhood educators who work directly with children in early childhood services across NSW.

Link to Health Drinks for Children

Healthy Drinks for Kids provides guidance regarding drinks for 0 - 13 year olds. Includes information on the Potter the Otter story book.

Breast feeding friendly scheme. Find or become a business that supports public breast feeding.

Small screen recreation and children. Loads of advice and resources to avoid too much screen time.

'The Magic Lunchbox' is a captivating, fun story about packing a healthy lunchbox for school, specifically targeting children in their transition to 'big' school.

Straight forward information on what really makes a healthy lunchbox, plus lots of useful resources.










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